The Most DedicatedMarine Security Consultant

Bringing You the Best Service

The Most Dedicated Marine Security Consultant

Bringing You the Best Service

Piracy occurs in many areas – particularly off the east and west coasts of Africa and in the Indian Ocean – resulting in kidnappings and the detention of vessels, often giving rise to huge economic losses to vessel owners, and threats to crews’ lives.

Nevertheless, shipowners and charterers have to call at ports that are in high risk areas for the loading or discharging of cargoes, or for the sake of cost-saving navigation. In order to reduce losses and protect crew against these perils, most shipowners and charters are hiring armed guards; particularly those from PCASP for vessel escort services.

At this moment, over 180 armed guard companies are providing such services worldwide; however, the quality and cost of these varies widely, making it difficult for owners or charterers to identify the companies offering the best services. Of course, all shipowners are looking to obtain the services of companies with a good reputation at the right price and with an integrated collaboration system, as any omission or fault arising out of the conduct of the armed guards may lead to additional expenditure from, for example, the vessel’s detention, damage from pirate attack, or injury to the crew. Therefore, it follows that it is crucial for shipowners or charters to choose quality armed guard services.

CTX MARINE SERVICES CO.LTD is a professional consulting company, assisting owners to select the optimal armed guard company. We are familiar with the procedure for armed guard qualification, company reputations, their service-range, and which offer the most competitive price of armed guard companies throughout the world. We also have a great deal of experience in dealing with these clients as many shipowners and charterers have already selected CTX their partner for arranging these services. Our efforts in arranging armed guard services have been universally praised by our clients, as we have pursued our service ethos: “serve our client with heart and soul”. For our clients, all pirate attacked have been thwarted by armed guards from companies working under our instruction, allowing vessels to pass through high-risk areas safely.


We are pleased to provide you with the best armed guard arrangements.


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